Tuesday, November 13, 2012

oh my english ...

today i receive an email from BSM, UM.. i had to go to English class ... herrmm .. it must be bored time ... hahahahha .. but for the first n second week i have to absence the class because i have a vacation trip with my beloved family .. hahahahahah tak pasal2 kena absence kan .. blurp ...

i have to attend advance class uallsss .. ko ada ... hehehehe ... :P

ok2 .. this is my latter to my english class instructor (en. farril) n cc to BSM .. - ok ke ... hahahah

En. Farril
Instructor class (Group 3)
Class for Certificate of Proficiency in English Language Course
Session 2012/2013,
Language Unit,
Faculty of Languages and Linguistic


I respectfully refer to the above matter.

I hereby would like to inform you that I could not attend the English class at:
23 November 2012 - Friday
30 November 2012 – Friday
4 December and 7 December - Tuesday and Friday
 This is because I was on vacation at that time. For the record, I already applied for leave in June 2012.

For information and further action on your part.

Suryani Othman
N17(Academy Of Malay Studies)

c.c -     En. Sheikh Azmir bin Omar
Pegawai Tadbir (
Unit Latihan)
Bahagian Sumber Manusia

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